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Salem Tool Company

Salem Tool Company was founded by Leonard Bourgoin in 1983 in Northville, Michigan. Over the years, the company earned a reputation for excellence in CNC Machining and manufacturing high-precision, high quality machined products. Some 30 years ago, Leonard was approached by a local engineering firm that was experiencing problems with a dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) manufactured by a company out of state. The firm was hoping that Leonard could help resolve issues with the penetrometer, including frequent breakage and parts wearing out prematurely.

“ We strive for exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and service. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. “

– Leonard Bourgoin
Salem Tool Company, Owner

It was Leonard’s ability to evaluate and troubleshoot a problem dynamic cone penetrometer that led to Salem Tool Company becoming a well respected manufacturer of quality soil testing products. Leonard soon introduced Salem Tool Company’s first product, the (DCP), which has proven itself as a real workhorse, providing users with many years of reliable service.


Following this first success, the same engineering firm once again approached Leonard, this time with a Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that was having reliability issues. Leonard and his team of toolmakers applied some of the field-proven engineering techniques that worked well in developing the Heavy Duty DCP to the Army’s Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. From this research and retooling came what many in the field today consider to be the finest, most reliable Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer on the market – our Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer.

Leonard’s willingness and desire to meet customers’ needs and expectations attracted customers early on. Today, a top-notch, knowledgeable team; on-time delivery; and products whose quality stands the test of time keep new customers from around the world coming to Salem Tool Company for their penetrometer needs.

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